Q: What is the event you laughed the most recently?
최근에 가장웃게된 일은 뭐가있나요?
A: In  sm TOWN concert Indonesia, we had Birthday Party of Hyoyeon. Seeing Hyoyeon's dance, I was convulsed with laughter.
인도네시아 sm콘에서 효연이 생파했을 때 효연이 춤보고 최근에 가장 웃었다

Q: If you can stop the time as you like, what do you want to do?
만약에 시간을 멈출수있다면 뭘해보고싶은가요?
A: I'll go to see the person I want to see.
보고싶은 사람을 만나러갈거다

Q: What is happy word from member?
멤버들로부터 들었을때 가장행복한말은?
A: Taeng yaa~ (Taeyeon's nickname)
탱구야 ~

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