This week, the field has been narrowed from the initial 16 participating artists to your four finalists, vying for the title of World’s Greatest Pop Star. They are: JUSTIN BIEBER (Canada), GIRLS’ GENERATION (South Korea), TAYLOR SWIFT (U.S.A.) and THE WANTED (Great Britain). During the week, our four Pop Olympians will face off in a series of five musical competitions–a pop pentathalon–and, as always, you and only you get to determine the winner with your vote. Among the week’s events: Best Song, Best Video, and Best YouTube Moment. You can vote in each event as many times as you’d like, and the voting for each will remain open throughout the week. The results will be tallied at week’s end (midnight on Sunday, August 5), and on Monday, Aug. 6, we will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze metal winners in the 2012 Pop Olympics.


이번주 8/5일 까지 투표 이며 6일 발표 입니다. 시간은 미국 시간이고요.

총 다섯 가지 부문 입니다. 소원 달려요!!!!


1) 베스트 송 Best Song

2) 베스트 유튜브 모멘트 Best YouTube Moment

3) 섹시스트 스타 Sexiest Artist

4) 베스트 뮤직비디오 Best Music Video


5)베스트 팬 Sexiest Fan



5주년 선물로 5관왕이면 되겠죠??